Foundation Offers Diner 'Sponsorships'

December 7, 2005

The Other Fellow First Foundation's holiday fundraising efforts this year revolve around an unusual opportunity -- the sale of "naming rights" to the Summit Diner's six table tops and 17 stools.

"The Other Fellow First Foundation, a five-year-old, Summit-based charity, exists to help New Jersey families in distress," said OFFF chairman Brett Haire. "Since its inception, through various fundraising activities, which included the Men of Summit calendar, the Women of Summit calendar and the Summit Diner's 75th birthday party, the OFFF has raised and distributed almost $100,000 to local charities serving New Jersey families in distress."

Regarding the latest fundraising effort, Mr. Haire said each of the Summit Avenue landmark diner's table tops and stools can be "named" for either one or two years, and can be "appropriately packaged for holiday gift presentation, honoring important loved ones, or recognizing businesses or individual gifts." He said the tax-deductible cost of the naming rights is $500 per table top for one year, $700 for two years, or $200 for one stool for a year, $300 for two years. Mr. Haire said, "Each table top and stool will be adorned with a small plaque that might read as follows: The Other Fellow First Foundation, Until 2007, this table will honor the memory of our dad, The Steve Smith Family."

The calendars produced by his foundation for the last two years were big hits, Mr. Haire said, "But they're old hat now. So our creative juices have had to go elsewhere. We decided to take the diner, our icon, and afford the community the chance, for a year or two years, to create a gift to remember somebody special in their lives."

He said, "It feels important to remind folks that with all of the attention garnered in other directions this year, there are a lot of other charities that depend on donors' generosity at this time of year. Not to take away anything from those affected by hurricanes and the tsunami, but there are a lot of people right here in New Jersey that need your support."

He noted that all of the profits from the naming project at the diner will go to the Other Fellow First Foundation, which last year distributed funds to the Summit Area Public Foundation, Bridges, The Community FoodBank of New Jersey, The Community Foundation of New Jersey and to Mount Olive Temple, on Morris Avenue in Summit.

"Already, these unique, limited edition 'gift donations' are selling out quickly," Mr. Haire said. "There are only three table tops and 12 stools remaining. If you are interested in securing one as a holiday gift, call me at 522-8822, talk to Mayor Jordan Glatt or see Jim Greberis or John Anastos at the diner."

AIDING FAMILIES IN DISTRESS -- Holiday gift-givers are being offered an unusual opportunity as part of a program that will benefit New Jersey families in distress. The Other Fellow First Foundation (OFFF) is offering the chance to make a contribution and "name" a table top or stool at the landmark Summit Diner. Planning the effort are, from left, Hans Dekker, executive director of The Community Foundation of New Jersey; Kathleen DiChiara, executive director of The Community FoodBank of New Jersey; OFFF chairman Brett Haire; John Anastos and Jim Greberis, OFFF directors and owners of the diner; and Mayor Jordan Glatt.