Other Fellow First Foundation

Summit, NJ


We have chosen the Summit Diner as our symbol. People come to the Summit Diner for much more than just great food. It deals with many other personal hungers. It is a great place to meet someone and feel like you belong. Its honest simplicity and cozy atmosphere make it a great metaphor for a foundation with our mission, operating in the most densely populated state in the country.


Camp Dudley, a YMCA's boy's camp in upstate New York, is the oldest camp in the country. Their motto is the "Other fellow first." The motto is so simple and transparent we thought it would be a good name for our foundation. If after visiting our website, you like what you see, and would like to help, please drop us a line.

Other Fellow First Foundation,
Brett Haire, President

The founders of the Other Fellow First Foundation in 2000 were:

John Anastos - (908) 277-3256
Jim Greberis - (908) 277-3256
Brett Haire - (908) 522-8822
President -


Gifts We Have Made To The Coummunitity:

Overlook Hospital Foundation $500.00
Memorial Sloan - Kettering $1,000.00
New Providence Volunteer Fire Department $1,000.00
Summit Supports Our Troops $1,000.00
St. John's Soup Kitchen $1,500.00
Home Towne TV $2,000.00
Share Our Strength $1,300.00
SHIP $1,750.00
Summit Speech School $2,850.00
Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund $2,750.00
Good Grief $2,950.00
Bridges $4,750.00
Summit Area YMCA $6,000.00
Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad $34,432.00
Family Promise $9,950.00
Assorted other Summit organizations $37,675.00
Red Cross - Colonial Roads Chapter $23,875.00
Summit Area Public Foundation $37,750.00
Mount Olive restoration project $46,000.00
NJ Community Food Bank $137,040.00
---------- --------------------
Total: $356,072.00


Captial Compaign Chaired

2012 Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad $5,000,000.00
Other Fellow First Foundation